Sunday, July 10, 2011

Olivia turns 3!

I cannot believe that my baby girl is three. Maybe we need to have another one?? Just kidding :) For Olivia's birthday we decided to go swimming as a family. She loves to it was perfect! Afterwards, we went home and had dinner then opened presents. She received all sorts of fun stuff from the kids, friends & grandparents. The girls picked out a cake with all the Faeries on it. The faeries ended up being stamps. They all had a great time stamping their bodies.
Olivia has been such a joy to have in our family. She lights up a room when she walks in. She is super super crazy...spastic...hyper...crazy...hyper....did I say crazy?? We absolutely love her craziness. She always makes us laugh. She is really smart, loves to dance and sing and she loves posing for the camera. She loves teasing the kids and is very "helpful". Thanks Olivia for being that "special" you.
We can't imagine our family without you in it. We love you so very much.

6 Month Onesie...

Why? ask would I entitle a post with that? Well, a few weeks ago Biv walked into my room wearing this ever so sweet onesie. I have no idea where she found it. The moment I pulled out the camera, she started to pose.
Who can resist at toosh that looks like this! I sure love this sweet, crazy girl.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

School Graduations 2010-2011

I can't believe that another school year has come and gone. It goes way to fast! 
Halle is "graduating" from the 2nd grade. She had Ms. Cockrell for the first half of the year and Ms. Tenbush the second half of the year. She loved them both. She is a fantastic student and really loves school.
Kassadi graduated from the 5th grade this year and next year will be attending Ridgeview Middle School. She had Ms. Kessler/Ms. Kuhl as her teachers. She loved them and she really progressed a lot this year. She mastered her math facts and read a ton of books. We are so proud of her.
Kyle graduated from the 8th grade and was on the Honor Roll all year. He did tell me that he slacked a little bit this year and that he was sorry about that! I think that he realizes that Cedar Ridge High School will be really hard. I know that he will do really good, if he will just try! He had his "first" girlfriend this year. My baby has grown up...WAY TOO FAST! 
Here are the girls and Erika. Erika came to our house everyday after school to do her homework and hangout until her parents got home. The girls love hanging out with her :)
Gabriel "graduated" from The Fellowship Christian Academy. He will be entering into Kindergarten at Blackland Prairie in the fall. He had Ms. Pam. (Hayden's Mom-They lived across the street from us when we lived in the apartments.) She is a fantastic teacher. Gabe has learned sooo much. He is totally ready to go to Elementary in the fall. I am so proud of you Gabe.
Gabe had a Graduation Program. They sang lots of songs and were awarded a certificate and there own special Bible. Gabe was so excited to get his own Bible.
Halle & Kate on the last day of school.
Halle and her friend Sierra
Halle & Ms. Tenbush
Sass and her girlfriends were crazy cute! They giggled the entire graduation. I think that they are all so excited to go to Middle School.
Lindsay Millett, Maddie Moreno & Sass
More crazy girls :) Taylin Nguyen, Lindsay, Tiffany, Sass, AnnaKaren, Maddie & Anna
Maddie, Sass, Michelle & AnnaKaren
Kassadi and Ms. Kessler
Kassadi gave her teacher a Book of Mormon a while back. She wrote her sweet sweet testimony in it. Ms. Kessler wrote her a letter letting her know how touched she was that Kassadi would share her faith with her. I am so proud of you Kass!
Sass couldn't believe that she received so many AR points for the year. She read sooo many books. I couldn't buy them fast enough!
A/B Honor Roll...Good Job SASS!
Olivia and Sara James
Gabe hanging out at the Graduation.
Kass was excited to see Gabe and Biv at her graduation. My friend Kim made Sass a cute candy lei for her special day.
We love you sweet Sass!
Halle's sweet photography skills :)
Congrats kiddos! Can't believe it is over. Now what am I going to do to entertain them all this summer?? AAAHHH!
In the fall I will have a child in Preschool, 2 in Elementary, Middle School and High School....WHAT? I am not old enough for this. ;)